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Why does my phone randomly vibrate & start exiting me out of apps?

I could be typing a message and my phone will randomly start exiting out of apps as if I were constantly pressing the back button. Sometimes, it will even send a message when I'm not done with it. And, on the home screen, it will take me directly to the first page and I can't seem to click anywhere on the screen or it will just vibrate continuously. To stop this from occurring, I have to press the power button to put in sleep mode & then unlock it and go back to what I was doing, but majority of times it just continues. Why does this occur?

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Heads up: it's looking grim.

I found this thread and this other question (Why does my BLU vivo XL2 keep exiting applications?) with people having the same issue. I found this question from that one, and I'm basically reposting the answer I gave the other person so that you can accurately say what fixes the problem for you, etc.

So far, I have not seen a for-sure solution. However, you might want to explore this website. It appears to be unofficial developers seeking to fix things, but I'd advise reading their fine print for yourself. Since I had to look it up myself, here's an explanation of ROM.

Good luck!

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Removing the silicone case and screen protector seems to have taken care of the same problem with my phone.

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