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4-inch iPhone released in March 2016 with similar hardware specifications to the 6s. Available in Silver, Space Grey, Gold, or Rose Gold with 16/64 GB storage options. Model A1662 and A1723.

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Screen sometimes doesn't work

Bought a refurbished iPhone SE.

Works great, but sometimes the screen turns black and doesn't work, although the backlight works.

If the issue happens and someone calls, it rings and caller id appears in my smartband (fitbit charge 2), but the phone screen doesn't turn on.

This only happens when i lock it, if i´m using it this never happens.

Usually when this happens i just press home and power button, restart it, and shake it or give it a bump and screen works again.

¿Should i check the cables? ¿Restore the phone?

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I agree with your answer to your question. Start with the easiest troubleshooting steps first and check cable connections. Clean the Contacts with 90% or higher Alcohol and soft brush and be gentle with the flex cables. If that doesn't work, try testing another screen if available...if not, backup and reset to eliminate software as issue. Not knowing history of used phones it's best to try the easy stuff (Free) first. If these steps don't work, follow up with comment on what you tried for further troubleshooting.

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@teetopp01 what the make and model number of that scope?


When you have it open check the cables for folds, creases cracks or deformities Clean the connectors on the logic board and the cable end . use a magnifying glass and take a close look at the connectors for any bent or broken pins


@mayer its the AmScope SM-3TYY with AmScope LED-144W-ZK White Adjustable 144 LED Ring Light and AmScope SM05 0.5X Barlow Lens found on Amazon.


Thanks, how to you like it and would you buy it again?


Love it! and would definitely buy again. Plenty of room to work under it with the 0.5 Barrow Lens, Zoom, Place for camera, great quality with 0 issues. A bit pricey now, I got a deal on Amazon for $200 range on the Scope and only had to buy the light and Barrow lens. The one that came with it was 2X and no room to work with that one


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If you can bump it and make the problem go away it's most likely a loose video data cable. Opening it and reseating things should make it go away.

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