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Portable wireless speakers from Logitech released in 2013.

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Why is it not making noise even though it's connected?

Hi, my UE boom 2 is turning on and connecting via Bluetooth but it makes no sound at all. Not even the on/off tone. Can you help? I've only had it 6 months!

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If your UE Boom speaker is not making any sound, see the UE Boom Is Not Producing Sound problem page for possible causes and solutions.

If you don't even hear the startup riff or Bluetooth tone when joining that’s not good ;-{

Did you get it wet without the caps in place or drop it?

The amp within the unit has a problem. I would give Ultimate Ears (UE) - Support a call to see if you can get it covered under warranty.

Let us know how it goes - Good Luck!

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I have the exact same problem and this happened from one day to another without any accident whatsoever.

I've had it for just over 2 years working fine and never had any problems.

I just went to turn it on like always but no sound was heard on power up, though it still got connected by bluetooth.

I tried a factory reset and nothing changed.

Strange thing is that my warranty ended last month.

Smells like programmed obsolescence.

I'm calling them to ask them if this is a common problem.

Very disappointed!!!

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