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Model number DSC-S650. Sony point-and-shoot camera.

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Why it wont turn on I replaced the batteries

Got a dcs-s650 as a gift and it wont turn on the lens is in its place

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This is going to sound a lil dumb but sometimes the battery brand matters or at the very least the freshness of the batteries. Buy a set of quality batteries and replace them again. If you are using the right type of battery already then buy again and try it. Like I said , it's sounds a lil nuts but I can almost guarantee it will work as long as the camera hasn't been dropped or making any grinding noises.

Good luck and please let me know your results.

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Thanks alot for your help . You made my day realy thank you


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First remove battery and check that there is no insulin tap around copper connector of battery. Insert battery inside camera.

Now when you are using new battery and when you turn on your camera keep pressing and holding menu button or function button or ok button while turning on camera.

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