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My controller randomly disconnects

So my Xbox one controller will start flashing then turn off then kick me offline. It does it more frequent than ever right now. I heard something about the wifi card will work and help but I wanted to see if y'all had an answer. How do I fix?

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Thank you!!!!


I am facing a similar problem. I will be playing a game and my controller will randomly disconnect but the light will stay on. My screen will then state “you need a controller to play this game.” After I take out the batteries and put them back in, it will work for another few minutes. If I don’t use the battery way, the controller will reconnect in about 10 seconds. As you can imagine, this is very aggravating when playing online games. Any suggestions?


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Yes the WiFi card was my initial thought as i read what you explained. it would certainly be the first thing i would try. if you really wanted to put it to the test, keep your controller plugged in with a USB cable to the console. if your internet disconnects and the controller stays connected i am certain its the WiFi card. its a pretty easy thing to replace thankfully. only mission about it is opening the case

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There us a known issue with xbox ones being in Instant On. I would suggest changing that to Energy Saving and see if it fixes the issue. Mine was doing the same thing til I found that solution. No more problems since.

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