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6th generation Android smartphone designed by Google and manufactured by LG. Model LG-H790. Released October 2015.

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Can I change just the digitizer?

Hello, I recently replaced the screen digitizer/lcd on my girlfriends phone,the reason being the digitizer was broken. Since then she has smashed the screen of the new replacement. Is it possible to take the broken digitizer off of the glass of both phones and then put the working digitizer on the non smashed glass? Thank you!

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I appriciate your help, thank you


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It's fused.

You'd have to separate the glass via a heat gun, while trying not to break the digitizer. Then remove the glue. Then adhere the new glass to the digitizer with loca adhesive. Loca is hard to deal with, bubbles, and can get into other components ruining them. It must be cured with a uv light. And even if you can pull it off, no way will it be 100%. Strange glares, etc. Some try to do it with double sided tape, but that leaves a gap between the glass and digitizer, which causes strange touch responses or it'll be totally unresponsive. And be prone to break the glass easily without loca.

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