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Repair guides and support for budget electronics manufacturer Tagital.

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I am locked out of my device

I have a pattern to enter to unlock my device. I forgot the pattern and i am unable to unlock it. I do not know what to do! Please help... My email address is thank you

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I have done research on unlocking my device. I have tried several things to unlock it so I have no idea on what to try next. Could someone please help me?


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Pretty sure you either need to hold down volume upnd then power, or power and volume up. Should bring up a recovery menu. Which you can select factory restore/reset. You may need to enter your email and password

I am not emailing that woman

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I tried both. It still is not got going to the factory restore/reset option. Any other ideas?


Can you please find the model number of your device? You may have to remove the back cover and battery. We're looking for a white sticker with some info on it. Hopefully it will say model number right away


Also try volume down, instead of volume up


The battery has 1800mAh on it and Li-ion 00. The rest of the info on it is written in Japanese. On the back of the battery it has 0022A-PGC00-UHO2


Also I tried the up and down volume buttons.


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