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Released in March 2017, the G6 is LG's flagship phone running Android 7.0. This device is available across all major wireless carriers. Physical repair of this device may eliminate water resistance and cause the device to be vulnerable to water damage.

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Does anyone know about the Glass/LCD replacement

Looking to replace the glass/LCD on an LG G6 and was wondering if it is better to do it with the frame attached to the new part or not. Any help appreciated

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It cost less to replace LCD without frame. It is not difficult to remove the screen because the adhesive below the screen is not too strong. You can follow this video to do it


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In my opinion, yes the whole assembly is easier to replace and it saves a lot of time taking stuff apart and worrying about damaging more than necessary.

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Doing a screen replacement on this phone would probably be easier without the frame. The LCD is lightly adhesived around the edges and there's only a flat metal plate underneath, no hidden wires or anything. The connector cable slips through the frame and under the mainboard.

The mainboard does have to be removed to do the screen repair either way though.

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