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The Xbox One S, designed by Microsoft Corporation, was released on August 2016. The Xbox One S is a redesign of the Xbox One.

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Internal Power Supply Replacement Issues


i think this is going to be a bit hard to explain but i shall try!

so the Xbox i have, it doesn't turn on anymore. found the problem in the power supply. it obviously had some kind of component explode. big burn marks all through the power supply. i had another Xbox one s who's power supply was absolutely fine. turned on and all. out of curiosity i grabbed that one and put it in the Xbox that had the burnt out power supply. that didn't work. didn't turn on so figured the MB is stuffed. the weird thing is, when i put the power supply back in to the console i know works, that now no longer works!

anyone else experienced this? or has anyone successfully fixed this issue?

Also, before anyone mentions it, warranty or contacting MS is most certainly not a option.

thanks in advance!

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yes it seems that the MB has a short and has killed the PSU


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@tronicsfix meanders in here lots. This is his specialty.

He even does it for a living so this will poke him.

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ahh yes, i know steve! the man. watched many of his videos on youtube :)


I wish @tronicsfix was more active here, I need him too. He only signs on every few days.


Hmmm...I haven't seen this type of thing before in the Xbox One S. Sounds like there's something on the motherboard that's causing and issue with power supply's...although you'll want to be sure that the power supply is plugged fully into the motherboard on the good console...sometimes they are hard to get fully seated.

I'm assuming you've taked a good look at the motherboard that's burning out power supply's?

Good luck...sorry I can't help more.


no worries steve :) i appreciate the help. i thought this was an unusual issue. it seems the motherboard is killing working power supplies right away.


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