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Model M2453 or M6411 / 300, 366, or 466 MHz G3 processor

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My iBook doesen´t turn on. He make a three "bip". What´s it?

The ibook clamshell doesen´t turn on. I press the button and he makes a signal sound like a short "bip" three times.

I know that mac make sounds to inform that kind of problem is happening. But yhis i don´t know.


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3 beeps at startup means bad RAM or possible bad MLB. Best course of action see if you can find another stick of RAM to test in the machine that matches the specs.

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Replace ram,if it continues replace motherboard

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i went a bit on the hardcore part on the onboard RAM. I have replaced at first the ram stick, that was a no go, i have replaced the on board rams X4, still a no go. i'm gonna have to say that it is the "Bios" chip that is gone. Not sure which one is the actual Bios "SMC" chip. I do have some spare boards around to fool around and try to pin point the cause of the 3 beeps.


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