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The Samsung Gear S3 is the third-generation Samsung Gear smartwatch, first released in November of 2016. Features a round OLED display running the Tizen OS. Model number: SM-R770NZSAXAR.

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The four back screws

i want to open the back of my samsung gear s3 but i do not know if the back screws are tri-point type or tri-wing type? also, i want to know the type and size of the screwdriver that can turn these screws. please help!!!

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Hey I will like to know where I can buy four rear screws for my gear s3 classic


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The screw type is a tri-point Y0. You can get the screwdriver in the 64 bit driver kit from the ifixit shop.

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would you happen to know the size of the screws? I stripped one and need a replacement. thanks.


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i have the samsung gear 3 as well. I tried to remove the 4 screws in the back. 2 came out perfectly and the other 2 are now stripped. Any advise on how to remove the stripped screws?

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