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De Xbox draadloze controller 7MN-0001, vervaardigd door Microsoft Corporation, is de meest gebruikte controller voor Xbox-spelcomputers en kan ook in combinatie met pc's worden gebruikt.

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Swapping Laptop hardrive with the xbox one to create Windows PC?

I have an okay...ish work laptop and an Xbox one (which I don't use anymore, I have a Xbox one S), I was wondering what would happen if I simply swapped the hard drives, that way I can have a PC for work. I don't need anything powerful and am aware of breaching the user agreements. Could this be a simple swap and away we go?

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No. Even back in the original Xbox days when security was absolutely s h i t, Microsoft would not be so stupid that Xbox would just accept any OS stored on the hard drive.

Literally zero progress has been made public regarding Xbox One hacking, no unauthorized code can run on it and not to mention PC Windows builds are just not compatible with Xbox One.

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Hi Mark,

Yes a simple swap would suffice, seeing that the Xbox One S doesn't use any special hard drive, it is just a normal Western Digital 2.5" Laptop HDD with Xbox software on, all you need to do is just reformat the drive to make it NTFS and you are good to go.

Hope this helps


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He is talking about swapping from the one, not the one s.


The Xbox One also has a 2.5" Laptop HDD installed, it will still work as follows.


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