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The Venue 8 is a midrange Android tablet, released by Dell in 2013.

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Where is the HDD located on a Venue 8

Disassembling a Venue 8 5120 for Recycling and I wanted to remove the HDD to destroy it and I cannot seem to figure out what part is the


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Tablets usually have an "HDD" soldered on to the board. Unfortunately, unless you identify the storage chips on the PCB, there isn't a physical "HDD." It is rare to find a replaceable/upgradable storage drive on a tablet.

More appropriately, it might as well be called an SSD, but still.

If you can boot it up and trigger a system reset so that it clears the onboard storage and returns to factory default, you shouldn't need to worry about it. Otherwise, take a stab at random chips and see which ones hold the data.

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Block Image

This image is from dell venue 8 pro.. but the chip is an BGA-153 on ailexpress. have not hear if anyone has upgrade it or not..

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