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Asus manufactured smartwatch released November 2015, identified by model number W1501Q.

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Is there a way to repair a scratched glass?

So I fell today and my ZenWatch 2 screen got really badly scratched. Is there a way to repair it?

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Sadly your only real option here is to replace the watches crystal (cover glass).

Deep scratches require too much polishing to remove and often weaken the glass (thiner) and in the case of smart watches the imbedded touch screens can be damaged as well in the process of polishing.

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How can I replace it?


There are some YouTubes that go into opening the watch up. Here's one source for the needed part: LCD with Touch Screen for Asus ZenWatch 2 WI502Q - Silver (complete assembly) its about $41 US


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What is a good way to repair scratches on the glass?

Check that out, it might give you some options on things to try

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