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Model A1224 / Early 2009 / 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Screen stuck on dimmest setting


My iMac is currently stuck with a dim screen, and changing the brightness does nothing at all. I have tried resetting the SMC and PRAM, and the issue is very briefly fixed after a PRAM reset, however the screen dims about halfway through the boot cycle. Any idea why it may be doing this, and how I can resume full brightness?

Many thanks!

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Thanks for your replies. As an update, I thought I'd try a few different combinations. I reset the PRAM and immediately booted into safe mode. To my amazement the screen has stayed at full brightness, even when I restart and boot normally. No idea why, Macs still continue to baffle me!


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This is according to just how dim the screen is. If it is almost black, your inverter may have failed or is failing. Here's how to replace it: iMac Intel 20" EMC 2266 Inverter Replacement

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I don't think that it is stuck on the lowest brightness I think that you back lite went out. Is it just kind faint? If so its your back light so this means it will need replaced before you can get the brightness the rest of the way up.

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The backlight seems to work though, as I can clearly see what's on the screen (I imagine I'd need a torch to see otherwise). Indeed when I reset the NVRAM/PRAM, it briefly goes back to full brightness for about 30 seconds, after which is fades down to the dimmest setting. I'm a bit baffled as it was working fine up until recently.


When starting up, hold down t. This will bring you into target diskmode. If it is bright, there is probably an issue with your install. If it isn't there is some other issue.


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