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Announced on October 16, 2014, the iPad Air 2 is a thinner successor to the iPad Air.

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Battery Replacement iPad 2 Air

Hi there. I have an iPad Aid 2 cellular model, purchased December 2014, and the battery only lasts about 30 minutes. It shows full charge, but when it is being used in Wifi or Cellular untethered mode, the iPad battery indicator changes to less than 10% and then dies. I have the latest IOS version. Do I need to replace the battery?

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Your battery is most likely at the end of its life. To be certain, use a battery utility, such as coconutBattery (for Mac) or 3uTools (for Windows). It will tell you what the health of the battery is. Anything less than 80% of design capacity will require replacement.

Be wary of cheap replacement batteries and order from a reputable vendor. Take a look at this guide to see what is involved before attempting this repair yourself.

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Thank you. What would be the minimum tools from iFixIt to perform the repair? I have PC tools, but nothing for smartphones or tablet repair.


Take a look at the guide I linked, it has a list of tools and parts needed. It's not a difficult repair for an experienced tech but it does have a lot of gotcha's for the inexperienced.


Thank you for the help.


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