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Repair guides and support for budget Android tablets by iView.

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Why wont my tablet work after being restarted

ok my tablet quit working I have pushed the restart on the back and it still wont work

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I've had this same issue happen with "off brand" tablets such as RCA etc. They are cheap and as such dont usually last long. Most of the tablets have very poor batteries, so most likely it's the battery that needs to be replaced. It's up to you whether you feel it's worth repairing. Most of the time the parts are as much as a used tablet. Im not sure if this is the case for your tablet or not as I didnt look up the cost of the battery. Other things to check are to try a different charge cable to make sure the battery is getting charged enough and also the charge ports can be a problem as well.

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Its not a cheap tablet it was $200


Ok, it was just a brand that Im not familiar with. I still stand behind the battery issue. How old is the tablet? Have you tried other chargers?


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