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A home coffee brewer, released in 2011, manufactured by Keurig. Repair for this device is similar to all other Keurig models.

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I think I need to replace the waterpump on my keurig65

The Keurig leaks water during the pump operation, I have replace water resivoir thinking it was o rings. Water leak continued. I took keurig apart and is seems to have a back leak from the water pump, when water is pumped in heat resivoir some water reverses direction and back leaks out of bottom of keurig, at the point of water filter. I am unsure of which parts I should change. Can you give me some suggestions? I don't know if it is worth salvaging coffee maker......but I hate just chucking things in the trash.

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It looks like a lot of the models use the same water pump.

Ebay sells these for around $15-$20

iFixit has a guide for the k75 that may be similar to your model on replacing the water pump.

Keurig K75 Water Pump Replacement

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Thank you I will try this appreciate the help, part is on order in the mean time I will take apart and see if I can clean it.


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I replace all my lone, well almost with home depot/lowes 5/16 ID hose, and 4” White zip ties TIGHT AS !&&*, and no more leaks, im not taking the case off again but ill pop the top off real quick (2 screws, takes 5 seconds)

Block Image

Block Image

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And yes. I melted my 1 way valve boiling it clean, ordered a new one off ebay for 6.75 but it runs fine without it currently, as long as you get a 4psi valve that fits under hood it doesn't have to be jeurig either just that it accepts 5/16 ID and is 4psi


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