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The BlackBerry Classic (also known as the BlackBerry Q20) was released in 2014. Model numbers: SQC100-2, SQC100-3, SQC100-5.

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Call and sms not working

Blackberry Classic

Not able to phone or sms. However it works fine for mails and whatsapp in wifi mode

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I would first try your SIM card in a known working phone. I would also try a known working SIM in your blackberry.

If you can get SMS and signal on the other phone, then something is wrong with the blackberry.

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Tried both. SIM card is ok. Seems something is wrong in the phone


Ok, try downloading the blackberry desktop software to reload the OS. You should use this to backup the phone first. If this still doesn't work, then there is some hardware failure.


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A blackberry phone? Maybe you can try to shut it down and then turn it on mins later.

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Tried. Still not working


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