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A ruggedized smartphone in the Galaxy line, released in April 2015.

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Phone not starting after digitizer replacement.

Ok so, repaired like 20 Xcover phones this far and first time i encountered this issue, the Phone starts up just fine When the digitizer is not connected to the lcd But When i inserts the digitizer into the lcd the Phone wont boot at all, ive tried two different digitizers now.

I figured there must be some short cirkuit in the connector But the connector is working just fine, anyone knows why this problem occures?

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Same issue here. Phone type: Samsung Galaxy Xcover 3 SM-G389F.

It looks like digitizer issue.

First I tought that I ordered part for wrong modell - it has symbol G388F on it but after googling I'm quite sure that touch screens for both models are the same.

Unfortunatelly no solution for now.


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I found the fix, it is a different touchscreen for the two models.

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I was thinking the same, but it is not possible to buy digitizers only for G389F. When that model is mentioned in product description it's only when digitizer is for G388F and it says that fits both models. I'm confused


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