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iPad Air Wi-Fi + Cellular, model no. A1475. Available in Space Gray or Silver, with 16/32/64/128 GB configurations.

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Unit will not charge, even after battery replacement.

I tore down my A1475 and successfully replaced the battery this weekend. The original symptom was that the unit discharged rapidly, and would not take a charge (yes, I tried multiple chargers and cables, several OEM and non-OEM, and non would charge the unit. Never even recognized a cable).

The new battery had about 40% battery in it, and the unit powered up fine once I replaced it, but it STILL won't charge. So...what next? Should I spend the time trying to replace either the lightning port connector, or the battery plug (the small rectangle, connected to the logic board, that screws in to the battery)? Both require soldering, which is not my favorite past time. Or is it most likely a problem with the logic board itself? If that's the case I'm not going to bother.

I appreciate the help anyone can provide...thanks!

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Does the charging port feel loose when you plug a charging cable in?

Inspect the charging port with a flashlight and look at the lightning connector pins. There should be 5 present there and not one missing. If there is one missing you will definitely need to replace the port.

If the lightning connector doesn't seem to push in the connector fully (gap between plastic of plug and metal housing of iPad) then the connector needs to be cleaned with tweezers or something similar, just make sure you don't bend the pins left / right when cleaning (best to avoid touching them anyway).

Edit: I think on this model the lightning charging port assembly is actually soldered to the board making it very hard to replace. Micro Soldering skills Including having a soldering iron and a microscope is required in order to do so.

Yeah, as shown here:

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The charge port feels OK to me, the connector snaps in sharpish, no wiggle. I will take a closer look under some magnification to look at the pins. This part IS soldered to the board, which is why I'm dreading replacing it. The U2 IC is also something the internet thinks may be a problem....that looks just awful to replace.


U2 IC is the cause if charging port is physically fine. Luckily it isn't power management IC as it still turns on.


Updated video on replacing the charging port:


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More than half the time people come to me with this problem, it's due to lent and other debris jammed in to the charging port.

You can clean it with a tooth pick, q-tip, and 90% or stronger isopropyl alcohol.

If you have cleaned it and still nothing has improved. Then you should replace the dock connector. Here's you part.

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I will try some inspection and cleaning....dock connector, or maybe even the U2 IC will be the next steps. Neither one looks like fun.


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