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Acer's 15.6 inch E5-571 series laptop manufactured in 2014.

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How do I reconfigure the 3.5mm audio socket?

Originally, every time I plugged anything into the audio jack socket, I got a popup asking me if I wanted to use it as an Input jack, or an Output jack. Back then, I *always* used it for output, so I selected an option that said, Always use it for output.

That was a couple of years ago.

Now, I want to reconfigure it so it asks me each time, but I cannot find where to do this.

*HELP!!* :)

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Search for "Realtek" in the windows start menu, it should give you a result for your audio manger software.

On the right hand side of the software should be a series of coloured "buttons" double click on the one that isn't shaded pale a menu should appear, a window will pop up, I think this is where you can change your setting.

If not:

There is also the "Sound" software in windows that might have the option.

If none of that works you can always uninstall your audio drivers and reinstall them, that will reset the settings.

Let me know if this works.

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Thanks Conor, but I'm afraid this didn't work. The Windows Start Search did not find Realtek, even though that software is installed. The Sounds feature has various inputs for devices, but nothing about configuring what happens with that 3.5mm jack socket.

I still need HELP, folks! :)


Hi @philiptory , Is there a 'properties' option for a playback or a recording device in Control Panel > Sounds that has a jack option setting? Select the device by clicking on it


Try opening it manually then, by going to C:/Program Files/Realtek/Audio/HDA and opening the RAVCpl64.exe


Hello JayEff, I tried looking through the properties of everything in there. There were a couple of places where the jack was shown, but no option to select or de-select anything. Anyway, it is now working, although I cannot say why.

Thanks everyone. I'll keep you posted!

Philip T, Gloucester, UK


check realtek HD Audio Manager in the folder said by conor.


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I had the same problem, and on my laptop, I solved it. I hope this is helpful to anybody else.

Just plug out and in again your mini-jack. A menu pops up, allowing you to select your device:

Line in

Mic in


speaker out


I selected MIC IN

Then go to Windows settings and type SOUND

Another window pops up :SOUND

goto page RECORDING, there you will find your choices: in my case:




dobble click on MICROPHONE ARRAY

Microphone array properties pop up

select page LISTEN




The same way I can switch to HDMI sound input

I hope it works with you.

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Yes. your answer was the one I was looking for! Thank you


i pressed do not show again what do i do now


I cant get the menu up for asking for line in....mic in ...headphone used to come up but have lost it somehow...any ideas please


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If you are using a laptop or PC with Realtek audio system and a 2-into-1 combined headphone/microphone/headset 3.5mm jack the system does not auto-detect what kind of device you have plugged in and you need to tell the system what kind of device you are using the jack for. In my case the very first time I plugged audio headphones into my laptop a pop-up box from Realtek HD Audio Manager asked me what kind of device I have plugged in and I checked “headphones” plus “Don’t ask me again” and forgot all about it. Two years later when I plugged in a headset with inline mic and tried to use it for video calls the mic would not work and I searched dozens of help threads and was amazed at the plethora of complicated BS answers given by “webxperts” including re-installs and registry fixes. Eventually I found the very simple answer is to go back to that pop-up box and instruct Realtek that I have now plugged in a headset instead of headphones. This headset setting then over-rides the laptop’s inbuilt mic whenever the headset is plugged in and prioritises the headset mic. So where can we find that pesky little pop-up box to change the setting again after having banished it by checking “Don’t ask me again”? Simply run the Realtek HD Audio Manager which you will find in Program Files/Realtek/Audio/HDA and double click on RAVCpl64.exe then look for a file folder icon (on my laptop it’s on the right side panel near “Analog” selector) and open the folder to find “Connector settings” and check the option for “Enable auto-popup dialog, when device has been plugged in” and click OK. Do this with your headset plugged OUT and then next time you plug it IN the dialog should pop up and you can select “Headset” instead of “Headphones” and maybe this time don’t select “Don’t ask me again” if you plan to keep using different devices in this jack.

If this doesn’t work for you the first time try re-starting your machine after changing the setting.

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Thank You Aarron!!

I've spent months researching how to get an external mic working on a PC (Acer Aspire E5-575). Your post fixed the problem. I ran Realtek HD Audio Manager, and selected "microphone" tab,. Then plugged external Mic into headphone jack/port. HD Audio Manager detected the device and displayed a window asking "Which device did you plug in?"

I selected microphone. And the external mic is now working. Thanks!


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I had the same problem so what i did was go to Enter Serial # or SNID or model number of your computer then select Drivers and Manuals, Click on Driver and download the Audio Driver for your computer and install the Driver.

Just plug In your mini-jack. A menu will pop up Realtek Audio Console, Which device did you plug in:

Line In

Mic In


Speaker Out


Hope This Works For You

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