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A Color Document Scanner by Epson.

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Jams when scanning Drivers License

We use the DS 510 in our medical office. The scanner used to scan both Insurance cards and photo ID's with no problem, but recently it jams on only the Drivers License photo ID. I have looked and found no mechanical issues. If we place the ID longways in the scanner it will scan, but then we spend extra time rotating the ID for our files. Time consuming. Any suggestions?

Things I have tried:

Adding post it to the back side of the ID - still jams

Moving the mult page and cont feed button - still jams

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3 Antwoorden

Thicker or stiffer stock of the ID's maybe the issue, the unit may not have been designed to feed it.

The other possibility is the motor drive is getting tired or worn, can you try out a second less used unit?

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Could it be a security measure to stop people from creating fake IDs? Ive heard they have a way of doing this with cash notes.


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Have you looked at you scanner software to see if you can rotate the image after scanning and before saving?


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We have this same issue with a DS-530 Scanner. The manual states to place the card horizontal and not vertical. However, the same manual also states that the card thickness capacity is .050” but the cards that get stuck are only .027”, measured with a micrometer caliper. I have opened a ticket with Epson for this.

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