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The DKnight MagicBox II is a small portable Bluetooth speaker with Enhanced Bass and build in Microphone for hand free phone calls.

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Volume increase button changes my tracks not increase the volume.

My volume increase button on my magic box 2 doesn't increase the volume, but skip ahead to the next track. What should I do to fix this?

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What happens when you press the next track button?

Do all the buttons perform their correct function except the Volume Up?


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Is it under warranty? If so, contact DKnight tech support by emailing: They offer "lifetime tech-support" and knowledge.

Does this error happen only when you plug MagicBox2 into a line-in jack? If I am not mistaken, the volume buttons on the MagicBox become disabled while in-line jacked to an aux port, rather than played via Bluetooth or other wireless feature.


If I may be presupmtious, as I have never seen nor repaired a DKnight product. Caution is advised, please use discretion when attempting any Fix on your own, as many users inadvertantly void warranties attempting to repair a faulty device. Always check with the manufacture regarding any repairs before 'opening' the device.

Online reviews complain a lot about the MagicBox products being dust magnets. Like set top T.V.s that utilize push button type contacts to perform various funtions, such as volume up/down, power on/off, etc., almost always do these tpyes of contacts become grimy with dust and other foreign matter causing the button to not perfrom properly.

Using an alcohol dipped Qtip or old sock attempt to clean the contact just below the button. Being careful not to casue abrasion the contact, as this may cause the 'metal' conduit to rub off and essentially create a much larger and tech savvy repair. Cleaning the contacts of dust and such may keep the button from shorting or becoming "crossed" with other fucntions.

In closing, be diligent, and protect yourself and the device from electrical shock...and remember contact DKnight, they offer proven support....por vida!


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