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An easy to use home Espresso machine created by Saeco and rebranded for Starbucks. This machine is excellent for every day espresso drinkers and has an excellent build and product life.

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Why don't I get any water through the ground coffee?

When I activate the coffee drip, water doesn't flow through the coffee.

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@fossils , G MacLean, If the model is Starbucks Barista, the link below is a guide to show how to clean the portafilter, which I hope will get the water flowing again. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

Starbucks Barista portafilter disassembly and cleaning

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As suggested, make sure your portafilter isn't clogged, but also check the group head screen, portafilter basket and your grind. If your coffee is ground too fine the machine will have trouble pushing water through it. If all of that checks out then your pump may be failing and will need to be replaced.

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