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Mini flashlight by Maglite that uses a single AAA battery.

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Trouble opening ro replace battery

I am trying to open the bottom to replace the battery but it won't budge. Any suggestions?

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I have this problem too.


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You can try heating the end with a hair dryer, this may help loosen the battery cap. It is possible that the battery has leaked and that is making the flashlight hard to open. The heat trick should help with that. If the battery has leaked, try cleaning the interior with vinegar and some cotton swabs.

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Maybe use some WD-40 and squirt in near it and let it soak down. Have you tried some pliers of grips to remove it?

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Heat the top battery cap while insulating the bottom then put the bottom into crushed ice using a pot holderto hold thw hot cap then use 2 pair of pliers or grips to open


I tried with 2 pairs of vise grips and it won't budge I have no idea what to do.


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