Projector only detects specific input device and nothing else.

My LG BX286 (DLP Short Throw Projector) only has one HDMI input.

I have had my apple TV plugged into that one input via an HDMI cable.

When I attempt to remove the apple TV and plug in say my PS3 via that same HDMI input, the PS3 is not detected.


I have tried 3 different HDMI cables (of varying quality and brand) .

All HDMI cables I have tried work to display the Apple TV but not any other device.

I have reset (hard reset) the projector, still only detects the Apple TV.

I have attempted to plug in other devices. A PS3, A macbook pro 2015, and another separate PS3. All of these devices work on other monitors/TVs, but the projector does not detect them.

I have examined the sole HDMI female input on the back of my projector and none of the pins appear to be broken or bent.

I will respond to as many of you as I can. Thank you for anything you can offer!

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here is the official product page for my projector:


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Do you get any error messages on the screen at all when you connect the other devices?

Is the PS3's BD / DVD - Video Output Format (HDMI) and 1080p 24 Hz Output (HDMI) settings set to Automatic?

Here is a link that describes more about it. Scroll down to find the settings.

Try turning the projector off and switching off the power, then inserting the PS3 HDMI cable (for example) and then turning the power back on and switching it on. Then try 'scrolling' through all the inputs with the remote to see if it will pick up the 'new' HDMI connection.

Have you ensured that the MacBook Pro video resolution and frequency is set to a resolution and frequency that the projector supports?

Here is a link to download the projector's user manual. Scroll down to p.51-52 to see details.

Just some thoughts.

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Thank you so much for your answer!

The projector does not display an error message when other devices are plugged in. By default, the projector cycles through its inputs, searching for a signal on each one.

The PS3's BD / DVD - Video Output Format (HDMI) and 1080p 24 Hz Output (HDMI) settings ARE set to automatic. I also tried each of their other setting, but no success.

The method of turning the project off, removing power, and plugging the hdmi in, and then turning it back on was still not successful.

I have not attempted to configure the output settings on the MacBook Pro, but I did try a Dell latitude. The Dell was not detected by the projector and the projector was not detected by he Dell.

After all this, I used the same HDMI cable, on the projectors same HDMI input (the only HDMI input on the projector) to connect the Apple TV..... And the Apple TV popped up on the display almost immediately.

Very frustrating! Thank you for all your help.


Hi @zostendorf ,

Can you check what the Apple TV video resolution settings are? What model Apple TV is it?

Also has the projector worked before with other HDMI devices? If not I'm wondering if you are having HDMI HDCP problems.

My thinking is now, that the projector is HDMI/HDCP compliant but the PS3 isn't but I am uncertain as to why the MacBook Pro is not working given this link which says that it is HDCP compliant, (scroll down to find section dealing with HDCP).

Here is a link for a PS3 video settings,scroll to the very bottom to view info regarding HDCP issues. Apparently in a PS4 you can turn HDCP on/off.

Another thought if you can't get it working and it is not a HDCP issue. How old is the projector? There is a 2 year manufacturer's warranty on the device.

This link may also be of some help.


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Could you send an imagen of the port, maybe the port pins are broken, or the cable.

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Finally, is this really the HDMI HDCP problems?

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