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Released February 2013, the Sony MDR-X05 headphones feature 40 mm driver units with Advanced Direct Vibe Structure reproducing powerful bass, acoustically tight seal, and superior sound isolation.

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Ear cup swivel broke, is there a replacement or..?

The swivel where you can turn the ear pieces 45 degrees broke on one side from a dog. clean plastic snap. Is there any way to repair? it is super glued in place and not abe to swivel, but I am curious! Thanks

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If you've super glued the moving component surely there's nothing you can do about it now.

But what could you have done is maybe done a very fine job of gluing the parts together as to not stick the moving parts together, or maybe 3d print parts that replace the broken pieces or bought a set of defective headphones that have the parts and replace them with OG parts.

Let me know if this answers your question.


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I see, yes I was just wondering what I could have done. Thank you this is very insightful.

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