Released November 2016, the PS4 Pro features upgraded hardware for 4K gaming and video streaming. Model: CUH-7015B.

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Looking for supply adp-300cr

Does anyone know where i can find a power supply for my ps4 pro adp-300cr i would be grateful.

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is it 4 or 5 pins ?


It is 4 pins.


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Unfortunately, there is nowhere to buy these right now. You'll want to keep your eye on Ebay since they do show up there from time to time but other than that there is nowhere that is selling these. They aren't even available in China right now. Another option would be to buy a broken Pro to take the power supply from.

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Can yall fix the power supply unit since u can not buy 1 yet


Usually they take way to long to repair. It is possible sometimes but they are generally not easily fixable.


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