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2013 Farmall 60b FREE service manual

Hi, I'm trying to find out if there is a free download or online service manual for my farmall 60b, as i want to pull the front axe hubs off but am unsure of the process. It's making a horrible vibration noise at speed (2600rpm) whilst in motion from the front end somewhere and it sounds like in that vicinity.

Can anyone help please?!

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how do i get more hydraulic oil flow on 2020 farmall 60b


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I think this is the one you need.

Registration is required unfortunately, so I haven't checked it.

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Thanks SW, but no good. First thing they ask for is credit card details but say your card wont be charged. So why do they need it (in case you make a purchase)?! can't they just get it when or if you make a purchase?!!! Thanks anyway.


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