Random Overheating and Buttons un-usable occasionally

I got my Galaxy S6 active for quite a while and today I have a serious problem with it. I notice the 3 button (home button, back button and mutitask button) are acting funny. One of the buttons will stop working (I said one of the buttons because it is a different button everytime I reboot my phone). And the worst part is. The phone says "device overheating" when the phone is not even hot. I check the battery temperature with an app and it said it is 90C (194F) and the CPU, despite not being at heavily used, reaches 70C (158F). Did I water damaged my phone? Because I occasionally take it to a shower but none of the problem mentioned have happened. I shut off my device and cooling it down with a fan now as I don't want it to explode. Should I keep cooling it down with my fan or take it to service?

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now my phone's screen is flickering. Any help please :'(


Taking a phone into a shower is a really bad idea.

Over time from humidity from shower steam in the room it will cause liquid to get into the phone and problems like you mentioned may occur.

You should get it checked by a mobile phone technician. Could die at any time as the screen is flickering now.

Battery temperature sensor going bad is a big red flag.


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