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Released June 2012, Model A1278. Intel processor with Turbo Boost, Up to 512 MB DDR5 Video RAM

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2012 MacBook Pro stopped working

Ok I've got this 2012 MacBook Pro that somewhat turns on, fan runs heavy, battery seems to be charging (charger leds and battery leds work), front led lights up but laptop doesn't chimes and screen keeps black.

Screen has no cracks or scratches, laptop wasn't water damaged or impact damaged.

I cleaned everything with isopropyl anyway: all contacts, whole logic board (both sides), replaced thermal paste, etc.

Also tried 3 different sets of 2x2gb ram and 2 different HDDs too.

Disconnected battery and tried turning it on with charger only (60w charger). Also considered replacing battery but if it doesn't work with charger only (battery disconnected) might rule it out? :-)

Oh and it doesn't boot from USB, doesn't boot on safe mode or verbose mode. But took a DVD in and seemed to run it but now won't eject it (it was a movie DVD instead of OS X DVD unfortunately)

To be honest I did it all very quickly and plant to have another look tomorrow after work but has anyone got any ideas you might suggest me to try? I feel this laptop is salvageable but I'm feeling a bit lost here :P

Any suggestion would be very appreciated :-)


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Connect a monitor to the computer to rule-out dead LCD. Sounds like possible GPU failure.


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I have the exact same issue and no solution


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In my experience on newer Macs, they still run when the battery is gone and plugged into power, so I don't think it is your battery necessarily. The lack of a chime is concerning to me. It could be that the volume is down, but it could also mean that it is failing the POST.

Have you tried an SMC reset and an NVRAM reset? Technically disconnecting the battery and power will reset the NVRAM, but worth a shot right?

To reset SMC hold down Shift + Control + Option and hit the power button, while plugged in. You should see the charger LED change from Red to Green and back or Green to Red and back, depending on if it is fully charged or not.

If that doesn't work, hit the power button and immediately hold down CMD + Option + P + R and wait until you hear the chime. If you don't hear it after a while, it didn't work.

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PRAM/SMC reset didn't work. Didn't expect it to, but tried anyway.

Can't test on external monitor, would require a Thunderbolt Display and I don't have any around...

Will double check the logic board to see if I find anything obvious but I'm almost ruling it out as 'unsalvageable'... :(


Would love to but I'm in NZ, you can find sheep in every corner and that's about it lol

Will try to find a cheap(ish) replacement or just sell as-is for parts...


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I feel ya, it seems since Apple products from 2011 are now considered vintage we Apple mid 13 inch owners are next. I have many more macbooks, but this is special to me, and im sitll waiting for response from some on here for he instant white screen and loud fan issue. and strange other strange beaviors. I should've suck first party accessories this whole time.

Hoepfully some can help me with the white screen issue I am expeirncing. defintely pre chime pre kernal

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I'm buying isopropyl alcohol tomorrow leave it in a tray then I'll let the logic board sit there for some minutes. Perhaps even use a soft brush.

After that let it dry out for some minutes, re-install and hope for the best.

Only other solution I'm contemplating is to buy a used/refurbished logic board but again: I'm in NZ and it'll be hard to find and probably too expensive...


I'm gettig off work i a few hours Carlos, i work at home for Apple chat adivosr. I have never ran into this situation in all my years working on macs. and even diong my special System Management Controller resets wouldnt work

White screen loud fans...

I hear cusomers compalin about loud fans on MacBook airs never on pros.

And i have naver had someone chat wthme abouut a white screen no post beep.

now granted,

I'm still using the faulty magsafe, which is kinda dumb, but i knwo its juscing he device. ok gotta back 3 chats at time


Mark, sorry I missed this question when it first came up. White screen issues are usually a problem with the hard drive. Disconnect the internal drive and try booting from an external USB source with a current OS X installed on it. Then we can address your probable hard drive/IR cable issue. This also needs to be posted as a separate question as it is really not related to the problem the original poster was asking about.


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Well I had to replace the logic board to make it work and that did the trick.

Still don't know if it could be fixed instead but that was the only thing I could think of after everything I tried - and I did tried a lot of things before spending in another logic board…

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