Entry level laptop introduced in 2015. Comes in a range of processor options from the Celeron to the Core i7. Also comes with a few AMD processors, but most are Intel based.

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for password for windows10

how to fix aspire e 15 forgot passoword or is cheaper to put a new hard drive and start over

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You don't have to get a new hard drive, just reformat the laptop, reload your OS and start fresh . Please be informed that all your data will be lost if you do reformat. You can get a windows password disk and go that way if you have data you want to recover but its faster and easier to reformat. This linkcan help with resetting lost passwords. But unless you need info on the computer I would just reformat . Dont forget you will need the OEM key. If its not on the back of the laptop you will need to use a key recovery program like this. To recover the key remove the hard drive connect it to another computer and run the program to recover the key. Hope this helps

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Try to reset your password if it is your Hotmail.

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I suggest you to try Windows Password Key , it can help to create a bootable password recovery disk and recover forgotten password for windows 10/8/7, vista, xp, 2000, 2003 and 2008 in a few steps.

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