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8.9" tablet, co-developed by Google and HTC. First released in November 2014, running Android 5.0 Lollipop.

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Sudden refusal to charge

After a couple of years of 'no problem' day to day' use, my Nexus 9 has suddenly died. I don't think think it was 'mid use death' , it hasn't been dropped etc and is in excellent condition.

I suspect that it ran out of battery and now is refusing to charge. I'm not even getting the white flash when in a very low battery state.

Before I buy a replacement battery, does anyone have any suggestions?

Ive tried every combination of button pressing to boot to different states, bit I suspect it's a batter issue.

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I have no suggestions except replace your battery. I'm pretty sure that your battery is completely dead.

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Just a quick update, my new battery arrived today, fitted it and booted first time.


Yay!!! Glad your phone is back to working condition :)


Phone? The Nexus 9 isn't a phone, it's a tablet. I don't even think it has 3G/4G capabilities. What do you mean?


David. Just a question. Where did you find a Nexus 9 battery? It is a nightmare to find....


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@davidtjackson you may want to check that your chargers working . Check your cable try it with another one, check the port that theres no lint or dirt preventing the cable from connecting properly . If you have access to another charger try it . You may also want to reseat the battery as it can sometimes just need to make a new connection to work again and recharge. These are a few things Id try before buying a new battery. Hope this helps

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Thanks both,

I've managed to rule out it being a faulty cable. I've found a replacement battery - so hopefully it'll be that. I'd have expected it to last longer than a couple of years, but I suppose these things just die every so often.

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Glad to help. And sadly yes, rechargeables only have so many charges in their lifetime.


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