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How to replace ssd

Aspire A0A 111

How do I replace de 8Gb SSD with a 16Gb SSD?

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Could you please give us some more information about the model?


I'd give you a plus one right now if I could, kiddo


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I believe this is a 1.8" zif SSD. This tutorial from 2008 may help. However, there may be more modern ways to adapt a higher capacity drive using an SD card, SD to compact flash adapter, and a compact flash to Zif adapter.

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If it truly is a zif, I would recommend getting a msata SSD and msata to zif. I own an aspire one and it uses a regular HDD. Depends on model.


I agree with George if the budge is no issue. SD cards are dirt cheap, but MSATAs are still a bit high in price. And capacity vs price is what you should decide on. It is very possible and cheap now adays to go beyond 16gb.


Let's put that into perspective:

64 GB msata+adapter=$50

64 GB SD+adapters=$40

120 GB hard drive=$55

The SD card would have about the same read/write as the HDD or the current drive. The SSD would have 5x better speeds, be more reliable, and only slightly more expensive. A SD card wouldn't make much sense, because for $10 Dollars more you can a much better SSD, and for $15 more you can get double the capacity with the same speed as a SD.


You can believe me, I did alot of research trying to upgrade a zune with 1.8" zif HDD.


I am not sure about your point on reliability. I've had more SSDs go bad than SD cards. Moreover, Sandisk (now owned by Western Digital) offers lifetime warranty on their high end SD cards and CF drives vs a max 5 years on other products such as SSDs. I have yet to get a real person to talk to me at Samsung for the EVOs (I had 2 go bad). Sandisk's replacement is far less of a headache if things do go south.


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