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8970 ford new holland won't start or move and cluster goes crazy

It will not start or move or working any of hydraulics the gauges go crazy we have changed the computers and I have checked all the grounds front to back and it cab and cleaned them and cleaned and charged battery but if I hold the fuel solenoid up and crank it it cranks up with no problem but the gauges still go crazy and still doesn't move or nothing we checked the voltage the fuel solenoid it read .75 when the battery was at 12 volts any help would be great and appreciated

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Wish I had a wiring diagram for it to follow


sorry this isnt an answer to your question . Having the exact same problem with an 8670 and wondered if you got your8970 fixed.thks


We are having the same problem on a 8970! Any words of wisdom???


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Hi @chadquick16

You may have to spend $US20 but it may be worth it in the end if it saves a lot of time and trouble. There are other suppliers of the service manual online but this is the cheapest that I could find.

Hopefully this is of some help.

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Sounds a couple things; 1) like a battery with a problem I’ve seen a car with bad battery (though held a charge, evidently had bad cell) do this. The other culprit I’ve seen do this is a bad CDI or combination failing CDI & relay.

You likely have tried this, but if not, take out the CDI box and heat it up with a hot air gun until it’s almost to holt to hold then immediately plug it in while still hot and try starting.

Sounds frustrating, I wish you luck!

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