Home button not working after screen replacement

I recently replaced a screen on ipad mini 4 and had to replace home button as old one was ruined when screen was smashed . anyways powers on apple logo loads then goes black if I hold the power button down it will pull up the power down slide bar but then asks for me to push home button to enter passcode since home button doesn't work i'm out of luck i saw where on the ipad mini 4 screen you have to micro-soldered something near the home button. yes the home button is discounted when connected it still does'nt

Block Image

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Also having an issue getting Home Button to work after replacing the LCD. The Lock/Power button is also finicky. I have to press it down for like 10 seconds to get the "Slide to power off", I can then hit cancel. But at the end of the day, I cant press the home button to do an unlocl.

I used a heat gun to lift the IC that goes to the strip you pictured above. I have no idea how to re-solder it back together.


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