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The HP Flyer Red is a laptop created by Hewlett Packard which was released around December 2014.

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What type of battery does this battery use?

I want to upgrade my battery to a better battery that lasts longer than the stock one, but I don't know what type of battery this uses. Any help is much appreciated.

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What is the model number of your laptop and what capacity battery is installed at present? Hopefully the information is printed on the battery module.


rtl8188ee and i think 3 cell battery


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If you have the...

HP "Flyer Red" Notebook


Model # 15-g227wm

*Year # 2014

Then you will need the...

HP replacement battery;

hp OA03 Notebook Battery 11.1v===31Wh

Model #HSTN-IB5Y

Part #746458-141


*NOTE* This battery will also work with Hp series;

  • TPN-F112, F113, F114, F115
  • TPN-C113, C114

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where can i buy this battery


You can find them on Ebay and Amazon from 3rd party sellers.

Here is one, and you can use this as a reference for all the variable model numbers on the battery.


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