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The HDC Space Note 7 Pro is a Samsung Galaxy note 7 working clone. It has decent specs and a reasonable price. ($110)

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Flashing a Note 7 ROM on this?


I am going to get a Galaxy note 7 clone, it looks really good and has reasonable specs. it looks like the same OS, but it will probably not be the same. how would i get a ROM from a note 7 and put it on this?

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I have one, I'm working on it but haven't gotten anywhere yet.

I don't think a stock samsung S7 would work on the MT6580 chipset, but I'm reading about Mediatek SP Flash Tool and its scatter files, might be able to fit a cyanogen image in there.

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Any news? Mine has a couple of bloatware apps pre-installed and whatsapp is also constantly crashing. Apart from that, the phone works ok for my needs.

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