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The Wii U is a video game console paired with a handheld device made by Nintendo that allows users to play games on the GamePad. Repairing the console is straightforward as the device is very modular.

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Is my RD-DKL101-ND disk drive compatible with RD-DKL034-ND laser lens?

Hello and thanks for reading.

The disk drive of my Wii U will not play games after a child shoved coins in the drive. I have opened the device and removed the coins. After putting the console back together, I am given error code 150-1031 after inserting a disk (error says the disk might be dirty, Nintendo's support page for it can be found here:

I am pretty sure the eye was damaged. I have tried wiping down the disk and cleaning the eye with alcohol but I still get the same error.

The model number on my disk drive is RD-DKL101-ND, but the only ones I can find available for purchase on eBay is RD-DKL034-ND. If I purchase this replacement laser lens, will it be compatible with my disk drive/console?

Thanks for your time and answers!

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Yes the lasers are the same. If you buy the whole drive just swap the logic board, the mechanics are the same

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There are several models of lasers and logic boards for the wii U. They are not all compatible with each other.


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