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iOpener vs. Heat Gun

My (late 2008) MacBook seems to have a faulty LCD panel which I want to replace.

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  1. Would a Samsung LTN133AT09-G01 be compatible with my device?
  2. Would you use iFixit’s iOpener to remove the glass screen or would you recommend buying a heat gun?
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The ifixit opener is a safer way to open devices if your not experienced with using a heat gun. With a heat gun you do run the risk of overheating the device and causing other problems . That said I myself use a heat gun from a heat station that can regulate the amount of heat you use. You don't want to get the glass more than 200 F . If you have a IR thermometer you can monitor how hot you are getting Hope this helps

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Heat gun is my choice here, the iOpener is best on tablets and phones.

The trick is to go slow and easy (you want to have even heat along the glass edge), use a non contact IR thermometer to monitor the glass and use care around the gasket that surrounds the glass, it tends to melt!

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Yes, looks like an issue with the PCB attached to the LCD. When you take the old LCD out, plug it into the Macbook (whilst not in the lid), and push on the board below the LCD, then the cable. Do this to determine whether it is an LCD or cable fault (bar like this is most likely the LCD).

1. Yes, should be compatible. Try to avoid the 2008 version of this LCD (can't remember the code, but Google and you should find out), since the 2008 LCDs have a terrible viewing angle compared to the newer versions of the A1278 LCD.

2. Never used an iOpener, but would recommend heat gun. A heat gun will allow you to accurately monitor the heat by feeling the glass with your hand, to ensure you do not melt the rubber bezel.

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I have looked at t he link and the Samsung screen should work as it does state it is for Apple Notebooks. So I would agree this is a good choice.

Also, the second question 'IOpener vs. Heat Gun' is preference. I usually use a heat gun but thats up to you.

Just do some research.


Keegan Bourque

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