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Repair guides and support for coffee makers by Keurig including the K-Cup systems.

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Closing handlke stuck half way down

K55brewer. I started to close the handle to start the brewing and it is stuck half way between open and shut. Any way to unlock it?

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Having caffeine withdrawal---please hurry answer


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Hey Shirley,

I hope you found an alternate source of caffeine until your Keurig is fixed.

You might have something stuck in your machine. Unplug the machine and open it carefully to check for something stuck in the brew handle. If you see anything, try removing it with a paper clip or toothpick. You can also try moving the k-cup if it’s inserted incorrectly. If you manage to open the handle, remove the k-cup and check to see if everything is ok: the k-cup holder, needles and all of the brew handle parts. You can also try lubricating the interior part that slides towards and away from the K cup—looks like a few people have tried that and it has worked.

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The problem with a “stuck” lid is due to 2 small tabs plastic that break off. When you go to close the lid, the stabs keep 2 parts from locking together, so the lid will close correctly. Without the tabs, the 2 parts nest together when the handle is raised and “lock”, or prevent the lid from closing. To close the lid, lower the handle slightly, reach in w/a finger, and push down lightly to separate the lower part (with the puncture needle) from the upper piece. Lower the handle down & start brewing. Look for the videos on Google. This is a design flaw in the build!!!

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