Where is the display cable? EDIT - Charging circuitry guide?

I dropped my tablet about 3 inches the other day picking it up by the cable in the dark. I know. But anyway, the tablet still works, but the display cable came out so there's nothing on screen but when I connect it to the TV with my HDMI adaptor it's still all working. If someone could put up a guide on replacing the display, I can see where the connection I need to plug back in is and can avoid the 30 bucks from the repair shop. The backlight works fine, it's literally that one connection that came slightly unplugged.

EDIT - Still not sure where it is but I followed a display replacement teardown I found on youtube. It didn't label anything but I guess unplugging and replugging all the connections did the trick. That said, now I have other problems, so I'd still like a teardown or something that tells me where the various connections are. Ideally at the moment one that covers the charging system, because now that I put it back together whenever I plug it in to charge it flashes the charging led green and yellow but doesn't actually charge. I think a connection on the back of the board didn't go in right, but I'm a bit gunshy now and would rather know for sure.

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