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Find repair and further details about the LG Refrigerator LFX28978, a bottom-freezer type introduced in 2010 with both drawer and door access, and an anti-sweat heater switch. This page covers information for model numbers matching the pattern LFX28978**.

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leak in the refrigeration system

A leak in the refrigeration system on an LG model number LFX 28978ST.

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Do you have a refrigerant leak?


We need a little more information. Did you diagnose the leak? Are you making the repairs?


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If you really have a refrigerant leak, you will most likely not be able to repair it yourself. I had that problem in my SubZero. The tech came out and put a new evaporator unit in the refrigerator part, then evacuated and recharged the system. All that required some specialized tools and knowledge.

So, what, exactly, are your symptoms?

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