Shutting down when rotated


I have a problematic iPad 2 - the device:

  • Cant always be switched on
  • If switched on it never shuts down by itself
  • When switched on if a physical action is applied (rotate, turn over etc) may shut down

I obviously suspect some connector failure - disconnecting / short circuit.

I disassembled the device and tried tweakng LCD connector - had limited success - if I switch the device on then tweak the connector - the device shuts down, so it could be the reason.

But right now (after may manipulatons?) the device works well...

What Im gonna do is replacing the LCD cable, but its just guessing...

Please tell what it could be (if there is some typical reason) or / and advise how to diagnose...


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when you mean it is shut down is only the LCD blank or is the device completely off?


Its off - when I press power button - Apple logo appears.


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