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The Nintendo DSi is the third iteration in the Nintendo DS line, and made its debut in Japan in late 2008.

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How to clean the slot for the game card?

The DSI won't read games, so I thought that it might be the slot, and I don't know how to clean it properly. Please help. Thanks

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First, you should take a flashlight or bring the device under some bright light and inspect all the contact points to see if there are any issues (bent contacts, broken contacts, anything that looks out of place).

If everything seems to look okay you can try cleaning the slots gently with a little bit of rubbing alcohol. Usually it's best to use a small q-tip but if the slot is really skinny you can always try a bit of folded up paper towel, etc.

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The q tip didnt fit, should i use a nail file?


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I had this same issue and one of my pins broke off so I had to replace the card slot. It was a very difficult job for me soldering all those individual pins. But if your good at it might be worth it.

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Do NOT use Q-tip.

Don’t repeat my mistake.

Unlike Ethernet connector, where the contact wires only expose their middle, in the reader in the Switch the contacts’ ends are loose. See the picture.

Block Image

What a bad design decision.

As a result, if you push Q-tip behind the contact end, and then try to pull it back, the fibers will tangle with the contacts, and when you pull it back, you will BEND the contacts.

They are not easy to access and straighten, and you will end up replacing the whole card reader block for $40-$60.

P.S. the contacts are gilded, so no need to clean them from oxidation. You need an extensive amount of dirt on the card to make them dirty enough to require cleaning.

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