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Nintendo's upgraded version of the Nintendo 3DS. It features bigger screens, longer battery life, better pixel density, and a better design.

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Icon selector constantly moving to the left, suspecting faulty D-PAD

When I boot up my DS, the icon selector immediately starts to scroll to the left indefinitely until I turn off the system. I believe it is a hardware problem because it happens in games as well as the overall DS OS. Its possible that one of the switches on the D-PAD is permanently pressed down, though that is just a theory as I do not know the details of the hardware myself. When I move the analog or dpad, I can control the icon box, but when I let go it goes back to the left indefinitely.

What should I do to correct this?

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If you have spilled anything on you 3ds there might be something on the switch. This happened to me and was fixed to cleaning the contact.

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