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The third generation of the Samsung Galaxy Note phablet series released September 25, 2013. Identifiable by the model number N9005.

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No sound from earpice, only right channel with headphones

I bought a brand new amplifier and plugged in my Galaxy Note 3 as input using the jack port. Since then my phone has multiple issues, but the amplifier works with other devices. Maybe a short high voltage broke something ? Here are the issues :

- no sound at all coming from earpiece (loudspeaker works)

- distorted sound or no sound at all when using the headphones jack. Sound is less distorted when volume is at the max level

- headphones jack will only output sound for the right channel

I tried replacing the headphone jack part with a replacement that i bought on Aliexpress but it didn't work (no sound at all, even from the right channel). So i thought that maybe the issue is with the main board ? Or was my replacement part already faulty ? Should i try again another replacement of the jack ?

Edit: headphones, amp and cable work with other devices without issues. Jack plug is clean with no dust in it. I already tried every obvious solution.

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Hi, Most Android phone devices use a 4 ring connector type plug on the earphone cable. this allows for the microphone attachment.

What type of cable did you use to connect your device to the amp with? Was it a 4 ring plug to 3 ring plug, did you use an adapter to convert it?

The wiring on a 4 ring plug from the tip back to the plug case is tip = L, ring 1 = R. ring 2 = Earth or Ground, Sleeve = Microphone

the wiring on a 3 ring plug is tip = L, ring 1 = R, sleeve = Ground or Earth.

Plugging a 3 ring plug into a 4 ring socket may have damaged the output amp in the phone as it may have 'bridged' the connections


It's a simple 3 ring cable, but i have used it for years with my old amp without any issues. I have also used my 3 ring HD25 headphones for years without frying the phone. Since most headphones come with a 3 ring jack plug, i assume that there is some sort of protection against shorts in phones ?



Yes my mistake, a 3 ring plug has a longer sleeve that shorts the microphone connection with the ground connection which puts the microphone connection in the phone 'out of circuit' and harms way.

I would go for another? replacement earphone socket in the phone just to make sure

Does the phone give an indication that the earphones have been plugged in? If not it is a sign that the socket is not doing what it should. The earphone socket by sending a signal to the audio controller that a plug has been inserted sort of controls the audio direction (either send audio to the internal speaker or to the earphone socket.


Yes the phone detects that headphones are plugged in, and outputs sound from the right channel with pretty bad sound (nothing on the left channel). Is there some kind of mini audio amplifier in the jack/earpiece replacement part, or is this amplifier on the main board ? I think that's the part that fried but i'm not sure on what board it is located...



I do not know either.

I would imagine that the audio amp would be on the mainboarsd somewhere.

Having one amp for all requirements, depending on where the audio was directed to , loudspeaker, speaker, earphone socket, all software controlled as to volume settings etc for the various outputs, would simplify things for a manufacturer.

Also do you get sound from the speaker on a phone call?


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Have you tried a different set of headphones ?May not be the jack it could be the headphones . Are you sure the jack is all the way in and that a case is not keeping it from going in all the way

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I tried 5 pairs of different headphones and 2 different cables to plug it into my amp. The connexion is good, i have been using the same headphones on this phone for years. No dust in jack plug either.


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here is some step u can do :

1. Did u try to change input cable (phone to amp) ?

2. Did u try to plug output jack to speaker or any other earphone, is it working stereo?

3. What is ur amp? is it still waranty, if yes you can claim for warranty before you open it.

4. If your warranty is gone, you can open the amplifier, then you check the connection between input and output.


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yes i tried all that (5 different headphones and 2 different cables), and the amp works fine with other devices.


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