Why is my mpc not working correctly I change the rams

I change the rams and it started up good then when I stared playing it started glitching went to another pag I think its the mother board

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Hi, Have you tried reinstalling the old RAM and the configuration that you had and see if it works properly again? What configuration did you have before? Was there anything in SIMM Slot 2?


I used slot 1 and I have 2:mpc so switch the rams it started working fine then it got stuck and started triping im using zip drives


Hi, Have you tried swapping them back? Why did you swap them in the first place?


I swapped them just to see if it worked and it did at first but then it c started tripping again



It might not work properly but remove both RAM modules and see if it goes OK on the 'fixed' internal 2GB RAM. This might prove whether it is an removable RAM module problem or a motherboard problem


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