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Beachballs and almost unresponsive after Sierra upgrade

Just as a sample, it took 1 min to write that question title because after 2-3 keystrokes, the beachball would show up.

With the Yosemite upgrade my MacBook Pro was OK but after El Capitan I started noticing the slowness but it was still ok.

Now with Sierra upgrade, my MacBook Pro (mid-2012) has become completely unusable. A spinning beachball now shows up after just 3 key strokes, 3-5 seconds before the menu opens on right click, even watching a video now is an impossible task.

How do i fix? Is there a way to find the OS X installer and go back to to an older OS version like Mavericks or Yosemite? Or any other suggestion?

The etrecheck report is given below. Any advice or suggestion will be highly welcome.

EtreCheck - Report generated 2016-11-13

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Happened To me as well,

only I had no idea what was coming after using 10.6.8 for years-

I had no intention of updating 10.6.8, running $3K worth of pro image video apps.

If there was an issue.

I had Apple rep on the phone only because a spare cracked screen iPad in back ground entered my Apple ID, and cause major lock out.

Apple agent freaks out unless I upgraded then hung up the next agent when called, saw his report,, said he's sorry you ended up with a jerk.

Agent #2 fixes my ID, and I update to ElCapo,, and it wipes out all pro software.

Its never once suggested Yosemite, to save it.

Now $5K laptop is loaded with $3.00 cell phone apps.

Pretty much ends the Apple regime for me.

At some point, the boxed $5K laptop will undergo full rebuild.

Never to go online again.


Sorry you didn't talk to us first! We might have saved you all of the hassle!


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This is a known issue with this series with the HD SATA cable. Apple has been replacing them for free. I would strongly recommend you visit an Apple Store or Authorized Service Center to have your system looked at.

I would wait until you get the HD SATA cable checked before doing these:

  • Your HD may need repairs. Do you have an external bootable drive? If not do you have a friend who has a Mac system which you can connect your system to using a FireWire or Thunderbolt cable in Target Mode? If you do you should be able to run Disk Utility to check your drive.
  • Often after upgrading the hard drive tend to get more fragmented. You'll want to free up as much space as you can. I strongly recommend you leave around 1/4 of the drive free before running a defragmentation program. To start off I recommend deleting out the Cache & Log files. Here's a tool that makes quick work off it: Disk Doctor. The defrag tool I use is this one: Drive Genius

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I absolutely agree! If that cable is left in to long it will destroy your hard drive.


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As a programmer with thirty years of Mac experience, I don't see what the slowness of an OS has to with all that is mentioned above. The cause is simply that the OS was written by idiots. Software shouldn't be slow under any circumstances. And if the software is, the engineers don't know what they are doing.

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In this case it's not a software issue at all, OS or App!

Think of it this way you're in the top floor of a building and all of a sudden the building shifts from your perspective the fault is the floor you are on not whats below! Sadly, the real problem could be at any of the lower floors.

Here the issue is the stability of the HD's SATA cable as the processes running are trying to access or save data onto the drive. What is happening here is the CRC checksum of the given data block is failing so it needs to be resent. But, we are not talking about one block but thousands upon thousands of blocks all trying to be read or written. So the OS gets bogged down hence the Beachballs!

This is not a stupid programing issue at all it's a hardware failure!


Dream on .               


Well Adriaan, you may know your software, but you are way out of your league on this issue and obviously have no idea of what you're talking about. And I've been at it longer than you have.


@mayer - Clearly he is very closed minded person ;-}

Must be a young whippersnapper who has not clue on how a computer even works. His loss.


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This answer is completely absurd. Macbook Pro Mid 2012 does not have HD Sata cables. Furthermore you NEVER defrag a solid-state drive as it is not good for the life of the drive and is discouraged by the manufacturer.

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Open mouth insert foot! Boy you need to do some reading before writing this junk!

So this model of MacBook Pro doesn't have a HD SATA cable mmm... lets look here: MacBook Pro 13" Unibody Mid 2012 Hard Drive Cable Replacement and here's the REAL part: MacBook Pro 13" Unibody (Mid 2012) Hard Drive Cable.

And by the way where did you see SSD even listed?? NOT! Did you not see it was clearly stated HARD DRIVE not SSD.

The only thing you got right was there is no need to defrag a SSD as the way it stores information is very different than a spinning disk HARD DRIVE

Now READ and Think! Before you spout off!


@danj why are you being so hard on this dufuss? I' mean he must be an Apple Genius with at least three days of training. Obviously, by his name, he has thought this over carefully an concluded that your vastly superior knowledge and experience are of small consideration

modus we generally don't flame people unless they become pompous.


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